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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


What? You might be wondering has happened to us over the past couple of days.
What? Could keep us from blogging about the most cutest little Asian-American in the world?

Well, there's really no excuse.

For the past two nights, I have fallen asleep while putting Reed to bed. We're still struggling with the sleep issue.

I know that there are many schools of thought on sleeping, and I know that there are also many opinionated parents out there about how you should help your kids get to sleep.

We generally lay down with Reed while he falls asleep. He does not sleep in a baby bed, but sleeps in a twin bed in his room. He generally wakes up in the middle of the night and unfortunately, we have been very weak in the next part of the story.

When he wakes up, he SCREAMS and we usually end up putting him in the bed with us. That's not really what we think is best, but it is easiest! I know that's not a great reason for allowing it, but that's the truth.

I have decided that when I can explain to Reed in clear terms about how he should go to sleep, then we will become more strict about him going to bed quietly and quickly. One of the reasons why I continue to lay down with him until he goes to sleep is because since he's been home, he's grown so quickly and so much that I don't want to waste time that we have with him.

So, that's why I haven't posted. It's because I'm spending time with my baby!
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