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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hump Day Review

We forgot to take very many pictures of Reed today, so you will all just have to forgive us. I can't believe that this week is already almost gone, because I have been so busy at work this week and have not gotten nearly enough done.

Reed and Abbey have had a busy week too. Reed didn't have MDO yesterday, so they have had a lot of time together. When I came home today, Abbey was busy cleaning the house with the assistance of Reed. Reed's birthday party is this Saturday. So, we've got lots of family coming into town. Can you believe that our baby is going to be two?

Tomorrow, Abbey and I are going to have our Valentine's date. Since we are having Reed's party on Saturday and grandparents, aunts, and uncles will be in town, we are going to forgo a normal Valentine's date, which is really not that big of a deal because the restaurants are too buys on Valentine's anyway.

We have a Cheesecake Factory giftcard, so we are going to dine well! I am excited about getting to spend time with Abbey and just chill out.
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