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Monday, February 16, 2009

My Super Sweet 2 Birthday!

Abbey did the most amazing job planning Reed's birthday party. It was a blast!

She made a "hot air balloon" cake for him. It was really cute.

Reed was super excited when he arrived at the clubhouse for his birthday party. He was mesmerized by the balloons and bubbles everywhere!

It was very exciting to him.

His friend Karsten came from his school.

Of course, his very best friend Britton was there too.

Miss Betty, his Sunday School teacher, Raleigh, Miss Jennifer, Miss Holly, Nana Sprinkles, my goodness, there were so many people there to help Reed celebrate.

Even Kay Kay came!

Pop was excited to see Reed.

Aunt Ava personalized Reed's shirt.

Reed's friend Haden from school came to the party and helped Reed open his presents since he wasn't really into opening them.

Reed and Britton were interested in some of his presents.

Britton and his Auntie Meghan gave Reed this cute red car. Reed loves his new car.

Aunt Ava and Lola helped Reed put together a puzzle.

Poppy and Reed were silly!

Enna and Reed admired his MANY (seriously) balloons!

Reed's birthday was a great success! I think everyone involved had a great time!
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