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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday!

Reed had a great weekend. We were home and he was living it up.

He had a nice yummy sucker.

He enjoyed the nice sunshine from the inside and then later we went outside.

He loves this puzzle book that Oma and Papa gave him for Christmas.

He's to that age where he can actually put the puzzle pieces in the right place.

Our subdivision has a neat little play area that we went to enjoy yesterday. The air was crisp but the sun was bright.

Reed loved climbing the stairs.

He had a fun time seeing the "dog" next door.

He really liked the disc swing although it scared me a little bit to have it.

We were just excited to be out of the house!

Tonight, we went over to Britton's to watch the Super Bowl. Britton's parents teach the seniors so they came over, along with Bill and Manya.

Reed could have cared less about the ballgame.

This was his reaction after the cardinals got their last minute touchdown, just before giving the ballgame away.

We were disappointed in the outcome, but had fun with friends.

Added by Abbey: Please note that Reed's outfit in the last few pictures was not by choice. We were at Britton's and he needed a new pair of pants after a fun diaper. Apparently Tamara was low on pants, so this is what we ended up borrowing until the party was over.
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