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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Consignment Sale Success

Last night was my night to go to the consignment sale. Abbey and Reed stayed at Uncle Bill's house. We spent the night at UB's since we were down in the ritzy part of Nashvegas. That way, we didn't have to drive home late at night.

Enna and Poppy gave Reed money for his birthday so that I could buy him some clothes at the consignment sale. Since we're strictly following the Dave Ramsey plan now, that was all of the money that I had to spend.

It was actually freeing to be able to shop knowing that I only had a certain amount of money. I got some good deals. I found very little Gymboree and no Polo though!

But, I did find this adorable blue linen outfit that will be perfect for cousin Laura's wedding reception at the end of May.

I was a little worried about it because on the hanger it was right on the line of whether or not it would be girly. I ended up biting the bullet and spending the 6 buckaroos and we were thrilled when Uncle Bill ironed it and put it on Reed this morning. It was too cute.

Reed also wanted to demonstrate how he can suck his stomach in all the way to the back of his spine! How does he do that?

He loves his golf clubs but I don't think that he quite understands the sport. That's fine, because goodness knows I don't!

He is so funny.

Next, is my most favorite find at the consignment sale.

Although I, personally, am not a huge fan of the school, I guess I would have to say that it is most certainly my favorite Mississippi team! I found a cute little Mississippi State outfit. It was only $3.00 and is perfect condition.

I know that my mom and brother will certainly be thrilled to see it on him.

I didn't count how many pieces I got, but we did get a good bit of clothes for Reed, so he will be pretty much set for the summer.

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