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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

At the Park

We've had the craziest weather this winter. From freezing to Springtime warm in the same week! Today was beautiful and Springish, while tomorrow is supposed to be bitter cold!

Abbey had to go to the church early tonight for a meeting, so Reed and I went to the park!

Reed loves the park, because there are slides, swings, and plenty of room to run.

Reed climbed up all of the different structures and could have cared less if I was anywhere around him.

The sun was so nice and bright today.

Reed was loving the time outside.

I love our city parks.

I just wish that there was a no smoking rule, because a few people would come around and smoke which I thought was not really appropriate around all of the kids.

Reed didn't seem to mind though, did I mention there were slides?

There was a father and son who were playing baseball and Reed was totally mesmerized by the boy hitting the baseball. One of his "foul" balls went pretty close to Reed.

Of course, he had to go and get it!
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