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Monday, February 16, 2009

Dear Reed

Dear Reed,

How can I describe how I feel about you? You've continued to bring so much joy into my life and continue to burrow your way deeper into my heart. It seems like my heart would burst with love for you. It seems like only yesterday, I was staring at a computer screen in complete awe that God had designed you to be our son. We had no way of knowing at the time how much you would mean to us. It was only the beginning of a love story. A love story that started with so much anticipation, yet there was no way that we could have ever imagined or anticipated what having a son like you would be. You are joy, you are hope, you are inspiration. We are blown away constantly by your amazing intelligence, but even more so by your uncontainable love. You have taught me so much about life. You've changed my priorities. You've taught me to appreciate my own parents, your grandparents, and for the first time in my life I can tell you what it means when I remember their words, "I love you more than life itself." You are our sunshine, our sweet smiling boy who is silly and loves to say, "Lub you Bajuin" whenever we ask you to say "Love you daddy" just to see what my reaction will be. You love chocolate juice and grapies! You've taught us a fun new language. People sometimes ask us if you are adopted, a question which takes us by surprise, because there is no way that you could be any more our son than if you were molded directly from your mother and I. You are a product of God's grace, His amazing plan, and His divine wisdom. You are a testimony of peace, of comfort, of love, and mercy. You are God's design, an amazing miracle that we are so undeserving of. You, our son, the one who squeals with delight when you see one of your parents, your grandparents, aunts or uncles, are designed for a purpose. Your sweet prayers for Uncle Bill, Cheetos, Britton, and Doo Dahs (vacuums) remind us to be thankful for all of the blessings in our lives. You bring joy to all who know you and you create laughter all around you. Reed, you are a blessing. You are a wonderfully and fearfully created person by the Almighty Father! You have a purpose. We humbly and gratefully accept the honor of being your parents. You make my day each time you call my name. I love you Reed, I love, love, love you!

love, daddy
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