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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Build A Bartlett Day

While Jeff enjoys his time in sunny San Diego, Reed and I are hanging out with Lola in Bartlett. (Please don't go rob our house. We do have an alarm. Ask Jane - she knows how to set it off.)

We've been having lots of fun. On Wednesday, Lola needed a haircut, so we went with her and spent some time in the kids' play area in the mall where she gets her hair cut. Once Lola was through getting her hair done, we took Reed clothes shopping, then on to Build*A*Bear. Most of you know, Reed has a very special BAB we sent him while he was in Taiwan. Lola decided she wanted him to get a new one for Valentine's Day. First, we showed him all his options. (Have you ever tried giving an almost 2 year old a choice?) After much deliberation, he chose a monkey. (I was pulling for the dog with floppy ears.)

The lady helping even let Reed push the pedal and fill the monkey with fluff. Reed thought the stuffing looked like bubbles! (Consequently, we realized at this time that the pedal isn't actually connected to the filling. I'd like to take this moment to tell you when we made Reed's bear, I pushed the pedal, and I thought it was really connected. My world is shattered.)

Reed even got to pick out the heart for his monkey and warmed it up!

Every new monkey needs a bath! So, Lola and Reed took off for the bathing station.

Reed gave his clean monkey a big hug when he finished bathing him.

Reed (Lola and I) named his monkey Bubbles. He made a great companion as we ate lunch and visited the Disney Store.

We're having a great time. Reed is a bit confused why Pop, Aba, and Bookha aren't here. It's difficult to explain it all to him. If the internet cooperates, I'll put one more post up tonight.

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Aunt Aba said...

I sure wish I could be there! Can't wait to see you next weekend!