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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Saturday Happenings

Today was busy for us. I had to go to the church for our dress rehearsal of the children's choir play. I have been on the children's choir directors this year and it has been a fun year. I love the kids, but man is it a hard job! The musical is cute and I think that the kids will do great!

Abbey, Reed, Uncle Bill, Tamara, and Britton fixed lunch for all of the kids. Really, they served the Papa John's pizza, but they did a good job. When I got home, Reed was already napping, so Abbey, Uncle Bill, and I all napped on the sectional in our family room.

Tonight, Uncle Danny and Megan took us out to eat for Abbey's birthday. We went to "The Depot" and it was really good.

That's about all for this evening. Be sure to click on the picture below. It's really a video.

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