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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


If you hang out with us very long, you hear us tell Reed something pretty often. We are almost constantly telling him that we love him.

You will also hear us tell Reed to tell you or whoever else is around "love you".

Abbey and I both grew up in homes where we knew without a doubt that we were loved. Our parents told us often that they loved us and they also showed it daily.

As I have gotten older, I have for some reason become less comfortable with telling people that I love them. Even though I might certainly feel love towards someone, I guess I think it isn't manly. That bothers me.

I hope that Reed will always feel comfortable telling me that he loves me and I hope that he will always feel comfortable telling other people that he loves them.

This was especially poignant to me tonight when we were leaving Reed's classroom at church and he told Miss Betty "love you betty, betty!" I thought about the fact that Miss Betty is widowed, her children are grown and she is in her 70's. I wondered if anyone else had told her they loved her today. I knew though, that one sweet two year old, who prays for Miss Betty and loves going to her class had told her that she was loved. And you know what? Miss Betty said, "I love you too!"

Reed also loves his sweet friend, Mae Mae (Mary Catherine).
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