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Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Beautiful Day!

Well, today it was finally sunny! It has been so rainy lately! It's been really awful. I would like for some of the rain to wait around for July or August.

Reed went to school this morning. He loves going to school.

Reed had a good time at school today.

When he got home, he was being very silly.

He got a nice blue sucker that went great with his white polo.

Since it was nice out, his mama and Manya took him for a walk.

We were all excited to be able to be outside.

Reed decided to eat a few bubbles.

He is so silly!

I decided to mow the yard since it was actually nice.

We are leaving to go to the beach with Uncle Bill on Saturday. Britton's 2nd birthday party is tomorrow night.

I couldn't find Reed's paci tonight, so he is in his room screaming. It's probably not a bad thing to have to break him of his paci habit, but he's not really pleased with the decision.

That's just one more thing that is going to make him less of a baby and more of a little boy.

Tonight we went to a friend's pre-garage sale and we found bedding for Ava's baby bed. It is pottery barn and belonged to a little baby named Ava!

Just a clarification for those who may wonder, we do not have any idea when we are getting Ava. We've not even had our homestudy approved to "officially" be on the waiting list. We're just proactive!
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