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Friday, May 15, 2009

Beach Update Day 7

Today was our last day on the beach!

Last night, apparently some seaweed decided to drift ashore. Let me rephrase that, a TON of seaweed drifted ashore.

Reed did not find it nearly as icky as we did.

Reed loved the finding sticks to play with.

He drew pictures in the sand.

He has played by himself SO well this entire week.

He is getting to the age where he turn anything into fun.

He even went out into the ocean with us today for several minutes.

We had grilled burgers and corn for supper tonight.

They were yummy!

After supper, we went to one of the pools in the complex. It was huge and had a humongous 1ft deep shallow end.

Tomorrow morning, we are leaving around 7:00 AM! We want to be able to get home at a decent hour.

Plus, Abbey is cooking breakfast for the seniors and their parents at church on Sunday morning.
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