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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Beach Update Day 6

Some of the pictures will be out of order tonight. Just deal with it!

We took some time for a photo shoot this afternoon to get some good beach pics.

Uncle Bill and Reed.

Reed walking away from the camera because the water was more interesting.

Guess who left the beach wettest?

Did you guess Reed?

You win!

Back to the water.

Now, back to the fun beach photos.


"Say what?"

Soaking up the beach!

A bug, according to Reed.

Today, Reed decided that the ocean water was yummy, yummy!

After nap!

Still happy!

Is he not the cutest thing ever?

He should totally not be sleepy here.

He's so silly. He has talked ALL DAY LONG! He is still talking and it is 9:30!

Getting back into the bedtime routine is going to be fun, fun!

We saw a bunny today!

Our peer.

Some more photo shoot pics.

Reed making his version of beaver teeth.

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