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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beach Update Day 4

Reed finally slept in this morning, but of course, I coudn't!

We hit the beach this morning around 10:00. The water was warm and it was windy enough to fly the kit. Reed got twisted up in the kits streamer.

Reed enjoyed having a blast on the beach again today.

Once again, the birds needed to be chased. He does not understand why the birds don't stick around when he is chasing them.

Uncle Bill attempted to boogie board. I don't think that we understand what you are supposed to do on a boogie board. None of us are any good at boogying!

Reed tried feeding the birds sand. I don't think he understood why they didn't want his sand.

He has no fear of the water or of running away from us. We have to keep a really good eye on him.

He is very busy on the beach.

We did get him to slow down long enough to bury him in the sand.

He eventually got tired of it and wanted "out"!

"Where's Reed?" "He's over there."

"Somebody take that camera away from Bill!"

I am not 100% sure, but I think that Reed's favorite part of the beach is the pool. There is a kiddie pool and he loves "Dat one."


Pool Dancing.

Serious "wimming".

"Are you kidding me?"

Jeff: "Isn't this beautiful?"
Abbey: "Yeah, so glad we're out here."
Jeff: "Who is watching Reed."
Abbey: "I though you were."

Growing old together.


A Boy and his Bill.

Click the picture above for a little video.
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