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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Beach Trip Day 2

We hit the beach this morning after a delicious breakfast of Silver Dollar Pancakes and Bacon. It was great. We lathered up with lots of sunscreen and we headed down to the beach. Our condo is a really short walk from the beach. In fact, you just got from the pools right outside the condo to the pier to the beach!

Reed LOVES the beach! He loves the SAND most of all. He also thinks that the salty waters of the Gulf are in his own words, "yummy mia!"

The weather is beautifully warm and windy. We have two kites that we flew in the air and tied down. They watched over us while we sat in the surf. We also saw dolphins playing.

Of course, since today is Mother's Day, Abbey had to open her Mother's Day present. Reed and I both got her a card, but we went in together to buy her a new Vera Bradley bag. Since we didn't really go all out for her birthday gift a couple of weeks ago, we decided that we needed to dig in our pockets a little deeper and buy her a nice gift. Her old VB purse is getting a little tired!

Despite the fact that we put on lots of sunscreen, Abbey and I both got burned. Uncle Bill's feet burned, but he didn't get too red. Abbey is by far the worst. We went to WalMart to buy her some aloe with lidocaine. Reed only got more tan!

Abbey is enjoying catching up on her reading. She's read two books so far. I am working on getting my coupons in order. CVS has some good Extrabucks opportunities this week with glucose monitors and coupons combos!

Uncle Bill is working on his coupons too. He's got a book, but I've not seen him read it.

Reed is LOVING the sun, the water, the pool, the beach, the ocean, the shells, and the sand. He's dancing and going nonstop and having a blast.

Tonight we ate seafood at Desoto's. It was really great! Tomorrow, we've got plans to eat here at the condo.

So far our trip has been wonderfully relaxing!

Happy Mother's Day Lola and Enna! We love you!
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