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Monday, May 11, 2009

Beach Update Day 3

Reed woke up this morning full of smiles and ready to go to the beach.

Abbey decided to take the day off from the beach and let her sunburn heal a bit before hitting the beach again.

Instead she stayed in and worked hard on one of her writing assignments for one of her favorite editors, Kay Kay!

For those who have asked, Abbey is reading Karen Kingsbury. She's read all of the series books and is now reading a few of the singles.

Reed had a blast at the beach today. It was warm and not windy.

The birds were plentiful!

And Reed loved chasing after them! So much so that several times, I had to yell his entire name to get him to stop running!

He didn't understand why they wouldn't let him pet them.

He is getting so tan! He has the most beautiful skin!

I was glad that he didn't take his cap off today. My eyes hurt for him, just thinking about all that sun in his eyes!

He is definitely more comfortable with the water.

And can play for HOURS in the sand and not get tired.

He did a couple of dances for us on the beach.

After an entirely too long nap, Reed, Uncle Bill, and I all headed to the beach again around 5:00.

This time, we were hunting for shells.

Reed loved picking up the shells. For a solid hour, he hunted shells and talked to himself!

He found a "snake" which I think was some sort of seaweed in actuality!

He enjoyed the help that w offered him to find the shells.

If it was broken it didn't go in the bucket!

After a while, they all came out of the bucket and he would start over!

He was very meticulous in his shell hunt.

I'm pretty sure, despite several dips in the wonderful pool and a shower, there are little grains of sand in every crevice of his body!

Isn't this the face of an angel?

Today, he's decided that it would be fun to refer to us as "Mom" and "Dad". We told him that we are "Mama" and "Daddy". He can hold off on the formal names for now, he's growing up too quickly!

I love this kid, despite his total unwillingness to pose for a picture!
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