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Monday, April 06, 2009

Sick Boy

This picture was taken before Reed got sick. He has obviously got a pretty big case of "weather constantly changing!" His nose has been cruddy and his drainage has been headed straight to his little stomach.

He has been nauseated as a result of his drainage. We're staying at Uncle Bill's for a few days because our best seminary friends, Blanton and Jaime are here and they are staying in a hotel just a mile or so from Uncle Bill's house.

They are going to spend the end of the week at our house. We're so excited to finally get to meet their little boy Parrish. Unfortunately, while we were all hanging out at Uncle Bill's house, Reed got sick. We got it all cleaned up, and then he got sick again. I took him to bed and he got sick again!

He doesn't seem to be having an upset stomach, and there is no fever, so I think it is caused by sinus drainage.

We'll post some pictures of our friends tomorrow.

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