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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Weekend in Memphis

We headed to Memphis on Thursday night to see Pop and Lola. I had to teach at a conference in Little Rock, so since I was traveling that way. Abbey and Reed tagged along until Memphis.

My coworkers picked me up in Memphis and the fam stuck around with Pop and Lola. On Friday, Aunt Ava came up after she was done teaching.

On Saturday, Abbey and Ava took Lola shopping. Well, I guess I should clarify. Lola's birthday was earlier this month and Abbey and Ava decided that they would give the gift of "time with mom" to Lola. Lola bought some new clothes for herself with the help and critiquing of Abbey and Ava.

Of course, there were lots of bubbles and time to play with Reedster.

Reed played with Mollie and Belle.

Pop and Reed spent the day together while the girls were out shopping.

Lola and Pop have a new addition to the family. Reed has named this new little furball, "Bajoon" . We call him Mr. Bajoon. Reed loves him!

We're not so sure if Mr. Bajoon loves Reed back!
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