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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eater Backet

Parrish, Jaime, and Blanton had to go home today. We were really thankful to have gotten to spend some time with them and to finally meet Parrish. We are going to be seeing them again in October when we head to Texas for a conference.

Our sick little boy is making it back to his normal lively self. It's really great, too! We didn't realize how much we love his bubbly personality until it was missing. Although he is strong-willed and trying sometimes, he is such a joy to be around. We are so thankful that he's coming back!

And being silly!

And laughing. We haven't seen him laughing in a few days! It was good to finally get more than just a quick smile.

Abbey wasn't feeling well today. We think she had a touch of whatever Reed had, so we invited Manya over to eat some chicken that we had planned on eating yesterday, so I wouldn't have to eat all by myself.

After supper, Abbey was feeling better so she began cooking for Easter lunch. Manya and Reed went outside and play with bubbles and baseball.

Reed's latest phrase is "I did it!" So, of course, we were chasing Manya's bubbles and shouting "I did it!"

Reed pitched a baseball to Manya!

And, they chatted about life.

If you read this blog with your children, please stop reading now!!!

We're not going to do the "Easter Bunny" in our house so as to not take away from the true meaning of Easter, but we are going to get Reed an Easter basket.

We went ahead and gave him his Easter Basket tonight. I will post a video at the end of this post so you can see the cute way he says Easter Basket. I'll give you a hint, look at the title of this post.

Reed loved the "ball" eggs!

Especially the fact that he has such good candy inside them! Yummy, M& Ms!

Notice his longerberger Easter basket that Mrs. Patricia Benson gave Reed.

Reed even got to color with some of his colors and coloring book from his Easter Basket.

We hope that each of you will have a blessed Easter and remember the true reason for celebration. Jesus is ALIVE!

Click on this last picture to see the video.

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