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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Are You?!?!?

I found a digital blood pressure cuff at the "Dollar General" warehouse sale a few months ago for $3.00. I bought it and it really doesn't work all that well. Reed loves playing with the cuff, so this morning he needed to check his "pressure".

I decided that it was time that we gave you a little check up into what all Reed is doing now at 2 years and 1 month.

1. He can count to 15 if you can excuse the fact that he doesn't say 4 or 8, and he cheers for himself after 3, 10, 13, and 15 by clapping and saying "Yeah!"

2. He can repeat almost anything we say. Yeah, it's time to start editing ourselves a bit more.

3. He can say his ABCs with the exception of different letters which he leaves out on different days. His preferred letters are E and X.

4. He loves CANDY! We've "sort of" resorted bribing him to not cry when we drop him off at church by giving him a piece of candy before we go and explain to him that he can't cry when we drop him off. It works like a charm. Wonder if this will help with potty training.

5. He slips away to another room to go poo.

6. He calls yogurt, "Pooh". Breyers yogurt has "Pooh" characters on some of their child flavors. It can be a little awkward when your child is begging to eat "Pooh."

7. The other day he was hiding and I said, "Reedy, where are you?" He loves that and now frequently hides his eyes and yells, "Mommy, are you?" or "Daddy, are you?"

8. He is a social butterfly as long as we are in the room. He will hug, give fives, kiss, anyone as long as we're not to far away.

9. He does not like to have his hair washed, but we wash it every night!

10. He is going to sleep better every night, but he still will not sleep through the night without waking.

11. He recognizes fast-food restaurants as places to get "burgers" which is interesting, because we don't eat out that often.

12. He can spot a plane in the sky 10 times faster than any adult, no matter how small the plane is. Most of the time he will say, "Airplane sky" and we look for another 30 seconds trying to find it.

13. He has a really strange fear of clocks chiming. Whenever he hears one "ding, dong, ding, dong" he buries his head in your chest and says, "All gone." We're not sure what's up with that.

14. He is going to be a picky eater it seems, despite the fact I was determined to have a good eater. I can't really be upset as both Abbey and I are not the greatest of eaters, ourselves.

15. He loves to pray, most of the time, unless there is food somewhere he wants to eat. He ALWAYS prays for Uncle Bill first, and then several times after that no matter when we are praying!

16. He LOVES being outside.

17. He asks to see Britty several times each hour.

18. He can identify the shapes square, triangle, oval, and circle. He doesn't really get colors just yet other than red and blue, which seem to be the color of everything that Reed sees according to him.

19. He is ownership oriented, "Reed's car," "Reed's van," "Reed's house," "Reed's ball," and "Reed's bajoo".

20. HE IS THE MOST AWESOME SON EVER! We love being his parents!!!
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