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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, it seems that Reed has gotten Easter Baskets from everyone. Enna and Poppy sent Reed some pictures with him, Joshi, and Enna and Poppy and some $2.00 bills. Lola and Pop have him an Easter Basket at their house. I've got a conference in Little Rock this weekend, so we're going through Memphis and staying the night with Pop and Lola. He'll get his basket then.

Manya came over for lunch and brought Reed an Easter goodie bag.

Uncle BIll came over for lunch, too. He brought an Easter basket. Guess what the eggs in his basket had in them?

Did you guess bugs? Well, I'm sure you didn't unless you've been able to figure that out in the pictures above?

Uncle Bill knows that Reed loves all things that start with "b". Remember, balls, balloons, bubbles, bugs, Britty, and Uncle Bill.

I also guess that I should explain his outfit. Reed did get an Easter outfit, however, Reed did not go to church today since he has been sick all week. So, he'll be presenting his ultra-cute outfit next week. We did dress him, but he got his clothes dirty during lunch.

Uncle Bill also brought Reed a kite for Easter. Reed and Uncle Bill went out to fly the kite after lunch.

Go, Go, Go!

Run, Uncle Bill, Run!

Reed liked the kite flying. That's going to be Britty's new house in the background.

Reed had such a great time chasing the kite.

By the way, he's wearing his socks from his Easter Basket.

Uncle Bill gave Reed some croc bling, so of course, Reed had to wear his crocs.

Wind was hard to find today, so after nap time, we headed over to our clubhouse by the pond to see if we could get more wind.

Unfortunately, the kites were just not in the mood to fly.

Happy Easter!
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