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Friday, April 10, 2009

From the Sick House

Our dear friends, Blanton and Jaime are here at our house and they have their precious son, Parrish with them. We've been wanting to meet him for so long, so we're so glad to finally have the opportunity.

Unfortunately, Reed has been quite sick! He's been sick since Monday and still had no appetite.

It is weird when he doesn't act like himself! It is really hard to watch him be listless.

It's unfortunate that he is not able to play with Parrish!

Since he was not improving, we made an appointment for Reed at the doctors office this morning. She immediately noticed that he was dehydrated and sent us to the ER for IV fluids.

It was hard seeing them give him an IV. After getting 500 mL of fluids, all he had to do was peepee to get released. HE would not go! I was making "pee" noises, running water in the sink, I even put Reed's hand in the water and it still didn't help!


FInally, they let us go. As soon as we got home, he peed! Thankfully, Reed has pepped up! It's good to be getting our little boy back!
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