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Friday, April 24, 2009

Bird Bath

Reed woke up this morning and needed to check his email.

He was very interested in one email about Elmo's recent trip to Sesame Street.

Then, he decided that it would be fun to go to a park.

He's such a big boy. He wanted to carry his own diaper bag.

After the park, it was time for a snack! Yummy Mia! That's what Reed always says.

It was a great snack!

We had grand plans of planting flowers in our flowerbeds this evening, but when we went to the store they were out of our chosen flower of the year, "Vinca."

So, we decided to put the birdbath together.

Uncle Bill came over to help work in the yard, so it was good to have the help with the birdbath. We got the birdbath from Lola and Pop's house when they bought it was couple of years ago.

Maybe tomorrow, we will get find the vinca somewhere.

Reed enjoyed pushing his car while we worked.

He pushed the car a few miles, I am sure!

Then he pushed it over on its side and had a big time!

He fixed its tire.

And laughed a lot!

It was a great time and a beautiful day!

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