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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

This Weekend III (or My FABULOUS Intern Lindsey)

My wonderful intern Lindsey is in the picture on the left. When the church finally agreed to hire me an intern, I was already hoping that Lindsey would take the position. She is excellent and she loves children! She is thinking about going into the ministry. I would fully support her in that endeavor. She comes from a great family and has made my job so much easier! It is excellent. She was a great help this weekend. The kids all love her too!

She is very responsible and helps administer some of the ministries of the preschool and children's ministry, as well as, serve as teacher. She is also very patient and compassionate, which are not too of my strong points. That's great when I have someone who needs a little extra attention!

Well, I am tired of starting new blogs, in order to post pictures, so you will just have to know that we had an EXCELLENT weekend and I think that our kids are closer to God because of it! That's wonderful!
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