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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Life's Little Questions

Before I blog, I wanted you all to see the beautiful sign that our church's graphic designer Kim did for us. Check her other work at McBride Design. Anyone around on April 8 is welcome to come.

Now for the fun stuff. Below you will find a few questions I have been contemplating this morning.

  1. Who designed Nasvhille's interstate system? My guess is that it is someone who does not have a job right now, because they are horrible. Even at 6:30 this morning when I was on them.
  2. Who do people talk to on the cell phone at 6:30 in morning? NOT ME! Who wants to talk that early in the morning. However, I saw many people doing it this morning. I kept wondering, did you wake someone up? Are you preventing someone from spending a few minutes with their child before they go to school? Are you that lonely or inconsiderate? If you haven't gotten it yet, don't call me "just to talk" before 9:00 AM, please.
  3. Who would schedule a dentist appointment at 7:00 in the morning? A few days ago, I received a postcard reminding me that my 6 month check up was today. Two days ago, I received a reminder phone call that told me it was at 7:00 AM today. And so I woke up and showered and went to my appointment. I was the only one there when I arrived, so I got to go right back to the dental chair. Apparently, I liked it, because I will be going back in September at 7:00 AM (Guess what? No extra work this time, no root canals or cavities! I know you're thinking "WOW!")
  4. Why would anyone drive 45 minutes to get to the dentist? That's one I am still working on. I think it is because I like driving past 100 more convenient locations, plus my dentist is really nice!
  5. Who would have thought I would get most improved anything? Well, not me, but I did get "Most Improved Average" in our bowling banquet last night! Go me, right! Abbey was a little miffed because she did not win.

In other news, Danny and Michelle are the only friends we have ever met who splits custody with their vehicle and the car dealership. They bought a new van and it kept have a mysterious leak, so the dealership kept having to take it back. When they didn't have the van they had a 2006 Avalon and people at the church were beginning to question why Danny's salary was so high, so I started rumor that Michelle sold Arbonne. Anyway, the courts have decided that if Danny and Michelle are the only ones paying child-support for the van in the form of loan payments, they deserve full custody of the van. They have it back now, for good, we hope. If you here of any Amber alerts for a van, you know that the dealership got angry and van-napped it.

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