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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Losing Custody

Please pray for our friends Danny and Michelle. You may recall that they have been in an outrageous custody battle with their Toyota Sienna van. Well, they have once again lost the battle in court, due to Michelle's abuse. They are saying something about van endangerment or something. It seems the van was allowed to be hit on the side. It's back in the Toyota dealership to get fixed. Maybe I will post a picture of it at some point, if they ever have it long enough. Here is a picture of their temporary car.

Of course I wouldn't complain about having a fully loaded Highlander as a temp car. I think they must know someone at the dealership. If they keep this up, I am going to have to start another Arbonne rumor.

Last night, Danny, Michelle and the girls came over for supper. I grilled steaks and corn. Abbey cooked two new Paula Deen recipes. Everything was delicious. The girls wanted to stay outside and help me grill and they wanted to be pushed in the hammock. Aren't they cute. Cate is learning all kinds of new words and how to use the big girl potty. See their blog. Carah is supersmart and is always very helpful.

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