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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

There He Goes Again

I am up early this morning after taking Trae to the airport. For some reason, he booked a 6:00 AM flight. It is very Landish to want to be back home, but you would think that someone who is hardly ever home wouldn't be in such a big hurry.

I hope that Trae had a good time. I know that I was glad to see him. You know, brothers really shouldn't go so long without seeing each other. Maybe, if I didn't live so far away and he didn't work in the middle of the ocean, we would see each other more. Anyway, that's neither here nor there, the important thing to remember is that we carried the camera everywhere we went and we got, count'em, "0" pictures together. In fact, we didn't take a single shot! Sorry mom!

Last night we capped off Trae's trip to Nashvegas with a trip to our favorite Tuesday night destination, Chik Fil A. Since we've been going there for months on Tuesday nights for Church Bulletin night, we didn't want to break tradition. Trae loves CFA, too.

We caused a little problem at CFA though. The clerks always let us choose whether we want a sandwich, nuggets, or strips for free. The sign says, Sandwich, but THEY (the clerks) ARE THE ONES WHO ORIGINALLY OFFERED IT. Anyway, the "owner" was there last night and he got all in a tissy because he did not know this was going on. He realized it was true when the next 3 customers came up with the same requests. I hope that they won't call it off altogether. If they do, I'm sorry. I never meant to take advantage of the system.

Of course, we had Target for a quick dessert of buying baby shower gifts. We then went to OfficeMax in G-ville which is going out of business. They didn't have any office chairs left. Then we went to Best Buy, where it really isn't the Best Buy on office chairs. Finally we went to Office Depot, where there were too many chairs to make a decision. Why, might you ask am I looking for an office chair? The answer is simple really. I am now on my 5th chair that I have rummaged from empty desks or taken from vacant positions in the church and they are ALL JUNK! I'm tired of being TIPPED OUT of my chair, constantly having to lift the chair up because the hydraulic thing slowly moves down, or being jabbed in the back by random pieces of metal and so I have decided that I will just buy my own chair!

After the frustrating chair hunt, we warmed up with Starbucks.

Alas, I dropped Trae off early this morning. I'm glad he came. I love him and I miss not seeing him much. He's a great big brother.

(Editor's note: The picture is of some girls from church. I thought it was fun!)
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