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Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Blast from the Past

We had Awana Retro night this past Sunday night and it was really groovy. The guy on the left is Alex. He and I tie-dyed our clothes for the evening. He's next to his best friend Brian who was looking very grease-like. Travis made it in the picture as well.

Clint and Lea are pictured to the left. Although you might think they look completely natural in those duds, I hear they bought them from Goodwill. Can you believe that Goodwill still has clothes like that?

To the right, you will see some of my favorite people. James, who will be Jesus in the upcoming play, and his wife Sindy, who's a barrel of laughs. James is from New Zealand and when his hair is not as bushy as it is right now and he has shaved, people tell us we look a lot a like. In fact, we are constantly confused for each other. Now, I bet they got their outfits right out of their closets.

You might be wondering what I looked like the other night for Retro night. I have been instructed by my sister-in-law not to put any of the photos of me up. Let's just say it was bad, REAL BAD!
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