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Saturday, March 25, 2006

In Memory - William "Will" Stradler Land

Springfield, Tennessee - William "Will" Stradler Land, loving cat and brother, passed away sometime during the week of March 25. He was found by his father in the woods behind his home. The cause of death is uncertain, but there seems to be no signs of foul play.

Will lived an extraordinary life. He was adopted in August of 2002 by loving parents, Jeff and Abbey Land in Jackson, Mississippi. He was adopted from the Mississippi Animal Rescue League. Jeff has often commented that he couldn't resist the loving smiles of Will and his brother Jack.

Will first became a Land as an anniversary present to Mrs. Land. His first home with the Land's was in Brandon, Mississippi. He was orinally named Mosey. His new parents debated for a while and ultimately named him Will.

Will became a traveling feline in 2003 when he traveled with his family to a new home in Fort Worth, Texas. While in Texas, Will enjoyed the close quarters of the mobile home which his family moved to. He and his brother Jack enjoyed countless hours of fun running back and forth in the home. Once, while in Texas, Will suffered a brief scare when his brother Jack broke out of the house one crisp evening that their parents left the windows open. He pushed the screen out and left. He returned home the following evening. While living at Seminary, the cats never had the opprotunity to have fresh air as they were considered contraban.

Like their parents, the cats found only little to love about Texas, so they were not in objection to moving to Tennessee. The cats quickly adjusted to their new home in Springfield. Several months ago, upon constant hinting that they wanted to live permanently outside, Will and Jack's parents let them move into the garage. Will loved being outdoors, sunning on the back deck and eating lots of cat food.

Will's life came to an end this week, but his legacy will live on. He was thankful to be a Mississippian by birth and he was a Southern Baptist. He is survived by his parents and loving brother.
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