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Saturday, October 09, 2010

People Watching

The title people watching isn't exactly what you are thinking I bet. You are probably thinking that it's about people that we've watched, however, it's more about being the people that are watched.

Since we've been home with our three boys, we've noticed a lot more people "watching" us. I'm not sure what it is. I know that we're certainly a sight to see. Our friends the Frey's have three little boys who are near our boys' ages. Before we had ours home, I would have thought, I can't believe someone would have so many children, so close together.

Maybe that's what they are looking at.

However, I think it might be more than that. Abbey said that she used to look at people who had more than one cute little adopted Asian baby and would think, They must be rich!. Ha! I wonder if that's what they are thinking? They would be SORELY disappointed.

Tonight at supper, there was one table that couldn't keep from staring at us. I bet it was because our boys are so cute. Don't get me wrong, I do think that people stare at our boys because they are adorable, but I think maybe there's more.

Several more bold people have actually spoken. Here are some of their questions, and our responses:

Q: "Are they brothers?"
A: "Yes!" Well, of course they are brothers. We know what they mean, but it's kind of a weird question don't you think. We usually do help them clarify and tell them that Nash and Will are half-biological-brothers, but that they all three are brothers now.

Q: They are so cute. Why did their real mother not keep them?
A: Cuteness is a wonderful thing, but it can't raise kids. That's really beside the point though, because the deeper question is about their real mother. Abbey is their real mother. Their birthmother's are also very real. We touched them, loved them, and pray for them. However, Abbey is their real mother.

Q: Do you know anything about their father?
A: Yes, in fact, I know a lot about their father. In fact, I see him everyday in the mirror. This one is a funny question.

Q: Was it expensive?
A: This is a personal question. There was a time in my life that I was ULTRA sensitive to talk about anything financial, but I'm a little more open now, but still, I've never walked up to a friend who just had a baby and asked how much her hospital bill was. However, if we know that the family is thinking of adopting, we are certainly very open and honest about the costs involved.

The really funny thing is that I understand that most of these people are genuinely trying to be encouraging and interested in our family. I don't really get offended, I just think that they don't know what to say about two Caucasian people with the three most adorable little Taiwanese boys God ever created. So, we just laugh and help educated people on the joys of being parents to God's children He placed in our care.

Although tonight I was really tempted to go up to the staring table and say: "Yes, I know that it looks different. We're suing the doctor that did this to us." But, alas, we just talked about it, chuckled, and went about our merry way!

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