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Friday, October 22, 2010

Ball Caps, Flu Shots, and the Zoo

The other day, Reed and Nash discovered my ball caps. I have several caps that I like to wear on Saturday mornings.

The boys had a lot of fun entertaining Will. Life is so much fun with so many kids.

Later Reed wore both caps while they went to the doctor's office for flu shots. Nash also had his well-visit while they were there.

Nash had quite a bit of fun while hanging out in his diaper while waiting on the doctor.

Something about our boys and a rubber glove. The boys love us to turn them into balloons.

Reed thought he was an innocent bystander, until it became evident that he, too, would be getting a flu shot.

This is Nash's feelings about the flu shot.

After the doctor it was time to go to the zoo. Abbey and Miss Madrian took the boys.

Like Reed, Nash also LOVED the reptile room.

Reed and Nash looked at all of the snakes, spiders, and creepy crawlies.

Nash was enamored. It was his first visit to the zoo.

Reed told Nash about the finer points of petting a goat.

Nash was all for it.

In other news, this has been yet another busy week at LandLife. I had writers in town for a new preteen product my team is working on.

Abbey started her new job at the church which went wonderfully!

The boys started Mother's Day Out which they also loved.

Thankfully, we have a VERY low-key weekend planned.
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