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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Home from Birmingham

We've been in Birmingham since Monday and I've been so busy that I couldn't blog. We were at Kids Ministry Conference and it was WONDERFUL.

The boys traveled well. This was Nash and Will's first long-term car ride and they did excellent.

I am not quite sure how Abbey kept from going crazy with three little boys in a hotel room, but she did an excellent job. She figured out different times to go out and let the boys run around.

One day, she took the boys to CFA and let them run around in the playland. They played for about 2 hours!

Will is so laid back, he just sat there and took in all in.

I taught 2 different conferences and really enjoyed connecting with the children's ministry leaders. I also always love catching up with my friends in ministry.

Everyone loved getting to meet our boys. So many of them have known us since before we even had Reed, they enjoyed getting to know Reed, and now Nash and Will.

Last night was the VBS musical premiere and it was really good. The big boys loved watching the performance.

We finally made it home today around 2:00. We stopped for lunch in Cool Springs at McAlisters.

In other news, Abbey has accepted the position of Associate Minister of Children at a local church. It's actually the church we were at before we started attending the church we are members of now.

We're really excited about the opportunity for her to have this position. It's part-time and flexible, so she'll still get to spend most of her time being a SAHM.

It will also be good because all 3 boys can be in MDO at the church when Abbey is working. Nash needs the interaction with other playmates.

Abbey dressed the boys alike every day during the conference. They were really cute in their little matching outfits.

The boys were so excited to get to play in their backyard. I'm sure they were just wanting the vitamin D.

Calm. Cool. Collected. Abbey has everything under control.
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