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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bedtime Bootcamp

Sorry that I haven't blogged in the past couple of nights. I honestly didn't think that we had any pictures on our camera, and honestly we didn't, except for the one above from the other night.

This is how Reed and Nash fell asleep. Sweet.

Today our new camera came in and I am so glad. The nice camera is too bulky. I didn't buy a really fancy new camera, just a small Kodak EasyShare refurb from Ebay, but with our knack to have cameras "go missing" I didn't really want to make a huge investment.

Bedtime has been, pardon the pun, a nightmare for the older boys. We've not be strict ever about making Reed go to bed and we've quickly realized that with three were going to have to set some boundaries.

So, on Sunday night, we started bedtime bootcamp with the big boys. Supper, bath, and bed by 8:00 PM. Now, that sounds great, but for the past several nights the boys have tossed, turned, gotten out of bed, giggled and all of the above until almost 9:00 PM.

That's also with me not forcing the boys to sleep in separate beds.

Tonight I could tell that they were really playing off each other's energy, so I decided that I would make them sleep in their own beds.

It was amazing, both boys were asleep in 13 minutes and there wasn't even 1 attempt to get out of bed.

I am thrilled, because Abbey and I had already decided that we were going to go to bed as soon as all of the boys got in bed. Tonight, we're going to sleep in our own bed for the first time in 28 days!

That's a big step for us to leave all three boys upstairs and us go downstairs, but it is time and we are so ready to sleep in our bed.

The boys have been getting along well for the most part. I think that there are certainly sometimes that the language barrier which is quickly breaking down has been frustrating for us and Nash, but we're dealing.

Nash and Reed have had the very typical brotherly tiffs, and the very sweet moments were they are the best of friends in the world.

Will is still trying to figure out how to sleep more at night. Tonight we're trying something a little different, so hopefully that will work.

Abbey has been doing so great with everything. It's amazing how much she is able to get done even with three boys hanging all over her at all times.

I've been really busy at work. I'm teaching at a conference next week and leading a writer's conference the next week. There's still tons to do, so I'm a little overwhelmed by that. I'm going to try to wake up early, early in the morning and go to work.

Will is adorable and happy. He's been so much fun. He laughs and coos a lot.

Nash is incredibly smart and is picking up more and more English everyday. We've had a couple of people speak chinese to him and he REALLY does not like it. It's kind of weird, because he gets REALLY uncomfortable when he hears Chinese. Any other adoptive parents out there of older children that have had this experience?

Reed is an amazing big brother. He looks after Nash and Will and ALWAYS is considerate of Nash when he is getting a toy or treat. He always makes sure that Nash has something.

Nash is GREAT at rolling his eyes. This is what we call the stink eye.

Reed's stink eye has been around for while as well. In this picture he kind of makes me think of Dwight Shrute.
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