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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Aunt Ava Meets the Boys

Aunt Ava and Lola came over this weekend.

We were glad that Aunt Ava finally got to meet Nash and Will. She was also happy to see Reed.

Reed had a soccer game.

We made Reed sit with his team, but we that was the most we were hoping for.

Lola and Will watched from the other side.

The orange really stands out doesn't it?

Reed did actually get into the field for a bit while I held him, but this is at the end when they had to shake hands with the other team. Reed wasn't thrilled.

We always have to detox Will when Lola leaves. She holds him a lot and dotes on him.

Mei Mei and Mrs. Lori brought the turtle sandbox that Mei Mei used to play with yesterday.

The boys were quite thrilled.

They've played in the sand a lot!

Here's the latest photo shoot with Will.

Abbey cut Will's fingernails in the middle of the night when he kept scratching his face!

Doesn't Reed look so grown up? This is his bedhead. It's always a work of art.

He's been sleeping so well lately and we are so thankful.

Tonight we started a new bedtime routine, trying to reduce the amount of time that it takes us to get the big boys to go to sleep.

Today Abbey and I cleaned the house while the boys were awake. We were so proud of ourselves, we took pictures.

The house isn't spotless, and the beds aren't perfectly made, but we were pretty happy with the result.

Getting the room above clean is no easy task. The boys can really wreak havoc in this room.

We bought this fabric in Taiwan at IKEA and Enna made the valance while she was hear last week.

This is another tough room to clean.

Will loves his new swing that Lola bought him.

Tomorrow we have pictures made by an awesome photographer who does a free photo shoot for adoptive families. We're pretty stoked.

Thankfully, she's really good with photoshop, so she can get rid of Will's scratches.

Yesterday, Uncle Dent and Aunt Myra came by to meet the boys. They live in Hot Springs, but they were in town, so it was good for them to meet the boys. They brought little pumpkins and foam decorations.

Today we put the decorations on the pumpkins.

Nash had a lot of fun putting the stickers on his pumpkin.

Then he had to go and ride the motorcycle.

Reed was very serious about his pumpkin decorations.

The boys had a lot fun decorating their pumpkins.

It got pretty chilly today, so we decided to wear long-sleeves.

Nash and Reed have had a good weekend playing together. There have been a few tiffs, but it's normal sibling stuff.

Reed was way more into decorating his pumpkin can than Nash was.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a very busy work-week. I've got TONS to do, and I am hoping that I will be able to get it all done.

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