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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Pop and Lola's Beach House 2013 - Day 1

Before Nash, Will, and Tuck came home, we used to come to the beach every year. Since that time, schedules have been crazy and trying to coordinate three different families to a single week has been nearly impossible.

Even to year, we attempted to get everyone on the same week, but nothing we tried would work. Finally, we gave up. Then a couple of weeks ago, Pop and Lola decided they needed some sand between their toes. They tried booking a condo and that one was sold out. The owner had another larger one that he was willing to rent to them.

Pop and Lola sent their daughters an email and told them of their plan to go to the beach and welcomed them to join them. We, of course, are complete beach maniacs, so we rearranged our schedules and headed on down. Unfortunately, Ava's family couldn't make it work. We wish Brooks was here to join in on the commotion.

We decided not to tell the boys until the day that we we actually leaving to go the beach. They were so excited. It was a super fun trip. We spent the night in a hotel on Friday and the. Drove 2.5 hours yesterday to the beach.

We wasted no time getting to the water and literally spent the entire day out at the beach and then the condo pool. It was so nice. The weather was breezy and beautiful.

The boys loved the pool and we realized that we loved having the pool to wash them off to keep the sand from getting everywhere.

Nash has turned into a complete fish and is swimming like a champion. It is so fun to see him swimming. Will would like to be a champion swimmer but he still sinks like a hunk of steel.

Tuck has even been very interested in the water. A lot more than when we are at home. That makes me thankful because I love the water and I want my boys to as well.

We even got to have the boys favorite meal, Lasagna for supper. We are so thankful that Pop and Lola let us come and crash their vacation. It was a great, wonderful, needed blessing to be able to come to the beach twice this year.

Location:W Beach Blvd,Gulf Shores,United States

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