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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy 6th Family Day, Reed!

Six years ago today, our lives became indescribably better. We finally met the little boy that we had fallen in love with 5 months earlier. Although we had just seen a picture of this boy, we knew that God had a plan for him. Thankfully, that plan involved us. It's hard to describe the moment we met him with adequate words. Even as I type, I tear up thinking of that beautiful moment. The moment we first saw him and the first moment we ever saw him smile.

The first year of Reed was one of the most amazing years of our lives. We finally were parents and we were blessed with the most amazing child. A child that was so perfect for us, it would be impossible for him to be more ours. I literally would (and still) look at him and can't believe that he isn't biologically ours. I don't think that we look alike (he's much cuter), but he is so ours.

Two years of Reed past and we were still feeling the blessing and honor of being able to raise such an amazing kid. It was such a great blessing to watch him grow and develop. Being a dad is truly one of the most amazing jobs ever invented. You get to be a someone's hero for just being yourself.

Three years of Reed learning that the world revolved around him brought a surprising reality for our sweet little guy. There were other beings that were about to invade his life. For better or worse, these little newbies would be his brothers. Our third year of Reed brought lots of love and lots of adjustments. Reed had the opportunity to be a brother.

Four years of Reed showed us that he was not only one amazing kid, he was also an amazing big brother. He fiercely loved his brother Nash and mostly tolerated his brother, Will, but we know deep down he loved Will too. Reed showed his athletic side this year and began to emerge from his "shy" self into a super friend. Four years of Reed also brought another brother into Reed's life. This time, he began to see his duty as being a big brother.

Five years of Reed proved to us that Reed was super intelligent. He entered kindergarten and showed the educational world what he was made of. Such an exciting year for us as parents as we learned what it was like to have school. We also learned about packing lunches, Reed's new friends, and how to encourage Reed to further show his talents. Being a dad to Reed just kept getting better.

The sixth year of Reed has been the best yet. Seeing Reed learn to read, spell, and do math have been so exciting. But probably more exciting has been the development of his spiritual nature. Reed is a little theologian and is always asking spiritual questions. He is constantly growing in his knowledge of Jesus and is often wanting to know what it means to follow Him.

Six Things I Love Most About Reed:
6. I love his beautiful singing voice. Few people are privileged to hear him sing, but when you do, you are blessed.
5. I love his smile. Reed has the most beautiful, straight white teeth and he loves to show them with his big beautiful smile.
4. I love his laugh. Reed laughs from his gut and I love to hear him giggle with his brothers.
3. I love his competitiveness. He is an athlete and a winner. He has a lot of heart.
2. I love his sensitivity. Reed can be too hard on himself, but he is wise and he knows when he needs to make a good decision.
1. I love that Reed is Reed. There is no one on earth quite like him. The world is better because of him and I cannot even begin to describe how much better our family is because of him.

Drake Reed Kai Land, I love you so much!
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