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Monday, September 09, 2013

Pop and Lola's Beach House 2013 - Day 2

We didn't spend as much time at the beach today as we did yesterday. We spent several hours this morning and then came in for lunch. Abbey made homemade pizza for lunch and then Will, Nash, and I took a nap. Abbey and Reed did his make up work that his teacher sent for him to do.

I love this picture. It is so representative of our boys. If Tuck had not been being held he would have been right down on the ground with them. They really are best buds. They get along so well with each other. Fighting several times a day, but mostly getting along.

Tonight we went to our favorite seafood restaurant DeSoto's. It was really good. I got grilled shrimp which is a huge deviation from my normal fried seafood platter, but I am making better choices.

After we got finished eating, we headed down to the beach to go crabbing, or frabbing, depending on who you ask. The boys were really interested in seeing their glow sticks under water.

Tuck has really taken to the sand on this trip. Back in May he was a little more cautious, but he is much better with it this time. I am glad. I love having beach babies.

After some searching, we finally found 4 crabs. One crabs met an untimely earthly departure at the wrath of Tuck's glow stick, but the other three were released back into the wild to wait for us to come and visit them again.

After the crabbing excitement, we headed up to the pool. It was a beautiful evening for a nighttime swim. Abbey and I would love to have a pool in our backyard. Nash has really turned into a fish on this trip.

Reed would be a great swimmer if he didn't have his sweet mother's cautious nature. He won't let go of his nose when he swims because he is scared for water to get in his nose. I keep trying to convince him that it won't happen though.

Sweet Will would love to swim but he is like a bag of bricks in the water. He is really trying hard though and has every bit the opposite less caution than Reed.

Location:W Beach Blvd,Gulf Shores,United States

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