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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Third Family Day, Will!!!

I remember getting the call about Nash and finding out that he had a little brother. Abbey had told me that she just wanted a referral for her birthday and we were both certain it wouldn't happen. Except that God surprised us. What we didn't think was possible was simple for him. I remember how excited I was to be getting two more sons. We fell in love with Will long before we ever saw a picture of him. It was several days after receiving the news of his birth that we actually saw him for the first time. We were thrilled to find of to he had been born on Abbey's birthday. What a gift.

The first year of Will was amazing. It was so hard learning to be the parents of three boys 3 and under but also super fun. Life as as constant roller coaster. Will's first year was marked with lots of trips to the doctor for asthma and bronchitis. His little body eventually got tired of fighting the Tennessee allergies and just decided to live with it. We were thankful to be able to quit using the nebulizer. He was always a big baby. So much bigger than our other kids.

The second year of Will brought so many laughs. This kid literally is full of life and full of joy. He makes us smile constantly and when you aren't on the verge of a nervous breakdown after one of his silly stunts, you are doubled over with laughter inside at how funny his little mind works.

The third year of Will left me often saying "one of these days he is going to let us all listen to that drum he marches to." He is definitely fully unique. There is no one on earth quite like Will. His favorite quote is "Dat Mine," and he is not afraid to claim any one of his favorite people as his own. He loves his brothers and thinks he is at least as old as they are and wants to do everything they do.
3 Things I Love About Will
1. I love his style. Will has the most unique sense of style and he loves to show you, several times a day. He changes clothes more than anyone I know and spends more hours completely naked each day than he does clothed. He is definitely unique.
2. I love his voice and zeal for life. I tell people that Will does speak with just his voice, he speaks with his gut. He doesn't say anything halfway but loads every word with an abundance of emotion.
3. I love that he is my son. I cannot imagine a life without will in it. His face brings a light to our house that shines even in the toughest of days. His desire to be ours is as strong as our desire to be his.

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