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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Third Family Day, Nash!!!

September 11, 2001- we all know where we were on that dreadful day. But 2010 brought a big change for us as we think of September 11. It was the day that God blessed our family with our dear son Nash. For a couple of years we thought we had the perfect plan for a baby sister for Reed, but God had better plans. He wanted Reed to have brothers. I will never forget getting the call about Nash and Will. I was so excited and I felt a yes in my heart immediately. I'm so glad that God brought us to Nash.

Nash has had more adjustments in his little life than many of us have in our entire lifetimes, but that hasn't affected his gentle spirit. Nash is a precious gift from God and every time that I see his beautiful smile with those dimples so deep you could dive them, I remember that God's plan is so much great than our own. In the first year of Nash being our family he had so much to learn. He had to learn our language, he learned how to be a brother, he learned about sweet tea and the word "y'all." He even learned his new name. He took it all in stride and never lost his silly sense of humor.

The second year of Nash brought great strides in his language and physical development. He developed deep bonds with his best buddies and became a very doting big brother to Nash and Will and a fiercely loyal little brother to Reed. He made huge developments in learning his colors and numbers and smiled his little way through it all.

The third year of Nash brought the milestone of preschool graduation and the beginning of kindergarten. He has excelled and made close friends. He loves to be a dare devil and try to new things. He is every bit as daring as his big brother is cautious. He frequently climbs door facings and can scale the highest fence. He is a natural born gymnast that has skills just waiting to be tapped, but most of all his smile keeps us laughing and thanking God for this precious gift of our Nashy.

5 Things I Love About Nash
1. His Dimples - I've already mentioned it but this kid has the cutest dimples ever.
2. I love his hair - Nash is our only son with a thick head of hair and a double crown that makes it almost impossible to keep his hair down.
3. I love his outlook on life. He is a laugher and a smiler. He knows how to make us smile and he knows who he loves.
4. I love his gentle spirit. Nash is that child who would never intentionally hurt another one. He would rather suffer than to cause anyone else pain. He is a comforter and a super merciful.
5. I love that he is my son, and while he thinks its funny to answer my multiple daily "I love you's" with "I don't love you" I know he does. He can't control it because Nash loves everyone and everyone loves Nash. He has worked his way into the hearts of everyone that we know and clings to a special place in everyone's minds.

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