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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Strawberry Pickin'

Abbey took Will and Tuck along with Meghan (Kaleb and Chris), and Michelle (Caleb) for their annual strawberry picking. They got some really delicious strawberries from one of the local strawberry farms.

Tuck really enjoyed doing all of the taste testing to make sure that the strawberries were just right.

The boys were really good helpers, but even better strawberry eaters.

They got a big haul of strawberries. Fresh strawberries are always better than store bought ones.

Will enjoyed being silly. He was happy to be the monkey and to take his shirt off. It doesn't take a lot of Convincing to get Will to take his shirt off.

Abbey made a lot of strawberry jam. We give it away throughout the ear and eat a lot of it as well. When we went on our honeymoon, the B&B where we stayed had s version of strawberry jam that we had never had before and we both loved it.

We always wanted to have more of that strawberry jam, but didn't discover it again until we moved to Tennessee. We were at. Breakfast at church one day and Mrs. Mazella Melton had the jam that had alluded us for so long. We found out that it was called freezer jam and we were set!

Now, for years, Abbey has made her own freezer jam. We just absolutely love it.

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