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Friday, May 10, 2013

Uncle Bill's Beach House - Day 7

Today was the big day! The boys got to go to their favorite souvenir shop. The Purple Octopus!

They were so excited that they would get some money to pick out what they wanted to take home as a reminder of their time at the beach this year.

They each picked a couple of trinkets that they could play with. Funny, they didn't really pick anything that had to do with the beach!

We also went to eat at our favorite seafood restaurant, Desotos and then got ice cream at scoops.

Today was the first day that it rained so we didn't go to the beach today.

That was ok with the boys. I think they needed a little break.

Reed is so into tradition. He remembered that we walkways take a mouth open picture of him and uncle Bill.

Our beach crew this year. What a great time.

We even made a new special friend, Mrs. Cindy.

Location:Ponce de Leon Ct,Gulf Shores,United States

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