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Monday, May 06, 2013

Uncle Bill's Beach House 2013 - Day 2

The boys woke up rip roaring and ready to hit the beach. They love the sand and they are finally getting old enough that they can play in the "backsand" by themselves. We can leave the door open on the porch and hear them.

Uncle Bill bought the boys some sunglasses and Reed is definitely into wearing them. Ms. Candace is amazed at how many times the boys have changed swim trunks. We always like to rent a house with washer and dryer.

Will is very much into the beach. He really likes everything about it. It is still windy and cool but not unbearable. Later in the week it is supposed to be warmer.

Will decided that it was time to fly a kite ... Or three. That caused a bird's nest of an issue, so Uncle Bill declared that only one kite would be flown at a time. Since Ms. Candace had to untangle the nest, she was happy about the new rule.

Will sort of dances as he holds his kite.

Tuck finally found some love for the sand. It was definitely a gradual thing and not love at first sight.

Will is showing love to Ms. Candace. She spoils him.

Reed is growing up so much. I have a special post planned for when we do our pictures this year at the beach where you can see how much he has grown up.

Abbey fixed a wonderful Taco meal for us since it was Cinco de Mayo.

She also made yummy fried ice cream.

Location:Ponce de Leon Ct,Gulf Shores,United States

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