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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nash Graduates Preschool

The other night, we were happy to celebrate Nash's preschool graduation. He has really enjoyed his time at the FUMC Preschool. We love all of the teachers there and the Nash has loved his friends.

Nash did so well in his performance. He sang and he danced and he participated so well.

They sang lots of "surfy" type songs and they really got into it. We are so proud of him.

Everyone was excited that Lola came to watch Nash graduate. Will thinks of visitors as his very own and tends to make them his own personal jungle gym.

Reed was, as always, thankful for iPhones.

Tuck was a little wild, but he did pretty good throughout the event. It was so cute.

Nash performed his heart out.

Nash was so proud of his book that Mrs. Sheila his teacher made him. It is a very special memento of his time in preschool.

Reed was very happy to see his former preschool teacher Mrs. Browning.

Nash and Luke have a special bond. Nash is really going to miss Luke next year as we are not zoned for the same schools. We are crossing our fingers that Nash will get Mrs. Sarah like Reed had.

After graduation, we went to our froyo place and Nash was happy to see some of his friends, including Luke there as well.

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