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Monday, May 06, 2013

Uncle Bill's Beach House 2013- Day 3

Unfortunately, it is still cool and Windy here at the Beach. In fact it is record lows here in Fort Morgan. However, tomorrow things are supposed to be looking up. Especially the temperature.

The cooler temperatures didn't keep us off the beach, but we did decide to go into Foley for our traditional lunches at Lamberts. It was yummy. I also had to go to the doctor today where I was diagnosed with pink eye. I'll be wearing my ugly glasses for much of the week.

Will was very proud of himself for catching his first roll.

He, of course, dominated his "MaMa" throughout the meal. That boy loves his mama.

Sweet Nash loves his Uncle Bill.

Silly Reed wanted to ride in the motorized car. He was determined that we would have $.50 so he could ride multiple times.

After lunch, the boys loved playing on the wooden train.

After we got back home, we went to the beach for a couple of hours.

So, here we are tonight hoping that the weather is warmer tomorrow. It's still been a fun relaxing time. Tonight we spent some time dreaming about owning our own condo!

Location:Ponce de Leon Ct,Gulf Shores,United States

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