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Friday, May 10, 2013

Uncle Bill's Beach House - Day 6 (Family Pics)

5 Years ago we were working really hard to get out of debt and pay off the adoption of our amazing first son. Uncle Bill wanted a vacation and we did to, so he offered to rent a condo for us all to enjoy. That began one of our favorite family traditions we have ever experienced.

The next year, we headed back to the beach to enjoy another relaxing week on the beach. This year was a little different because our adorable kiddo no longer took naps, but it was still relaxing and the seafood was amazing.

Low and behold the next year, we came back to the beach and then year we were blessed to have our dear little ones, Nash and Will home with us. It was such a great trip to have our family together.

Then last year, we were excited to have our family complete with all four of our amazing boys with us. Each year the trips have been a little different all the while we have maintained a level of tradition. We eat the same foods, spaghetti, hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled pizza, bacon from Winn Dixie, and Rice Krispy treats.

The boys love their trips to Uncle Bill's Beach House and so do we. I hope that we can continue this tradition for our boys' entire lives.

Here is a snapshot of how our family has changed:






Location:Ponce de Leon Ct,Gulf Shores,United States

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