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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Family on the Farm

This weekend, we headed west, not far west, just west Tennessee and North Mississippi.

Growing up, Abbey's grandparents always had the family over for Independence Day, so a few years ago, Molly decided it was time to start the tradition back.

This was my first trip back to Memphis to see Pop and Lola's new house. They've been remodeling it for a few months and I can't believe how beautiful it is. It's amazing.

When we got to the farm, the boys exhibited their typical shyness.

It wasn't long before they warmed up to the rest of the kids.

Of course, it helped that there were several motorized vehicles which the boys LOVED.

Will is getting his molars so he has been in a BAD mood. He did not sleep well for the past two nights, so he was not the most "charming" little guy at the party.

Aunt Suzy and Uncle Jimmy were smart to have several little pools. A guys pool and a girls pool.

The real highlight was the inflatable water slide which is where Reed and Nash bonded with Brady and Hugh.

Uncle Jason acted as lifeguard.

We don't get to see these cousins nearly enough, but it is so much fun when we do. Jimmy stocked the pond with a ton of catfish and bream. I fished for a bit and caught three catfish. (Catch and Release of course!)

As always, there was too much food, but it was oh so good!

I think the boys were a little disappointed when it was time to leave.

Last night Will did NOT sleep well at all. You sort of get the impression that he is a faucet right now. I've never seen drool come out of a kid like it's coming out of Will.

This morning we had to wake up extra early to get to church. That was not difficult for Will as he didn't go to sleep!

I stayed up with Will last night, but I had agreed to drive back to Nashville on Friday when Abbey drove to Memphis.

I drove until I couldn't hold my eyes open and Abbey graciously took the wheel and let me sleep a little while. She did take the opportunity to get a picture of me sleeping with her phone.

The boys slept almost the entire way back to Nashville, so that was a welcomed happening.

We don't have a big Fourth of July planned. Uncle Bill is here, so we are going to grill chicken tomorrow. In the afternoon, we are going to picnic and then we're going to watch the Nashville firework show. It's one of the best in the country and in SEVEN years, we haven't ever watched them!

Abbey's lookin' good!
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