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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Greetings from New Mexico

We left bright and early on Monday morning to head to New Mexico. Reed picked Abbey some flowers. These are Cosmos that I grew from seeds last year that apparently reseed for the next year.

All three boys were thrilled about the plane ride.

Our flight went from Nashville to Houston to Dallas to Albuquerque! It was a long haul!

The boys were troopers though. They did great.

Nash gets excited about anything that Reed gets excited about.

He is just so doggone cute!

The boys did like changing up where they were seating and even though they love the idea of using a public restroom, I'm not sure that they realized there were potties on the plane because they never asked to go.

Our first night in New Mexico we ate at restaurant called Maria's. It was delicious!

On my lunch break from teaching, I took the boys out on the paddle boats. Notice my side is much further in the water. I needed some more weight on the other side.

Then I took the on the Kayak. Abbey and Will hung out on the pier.

They boys loved their travels.

They have decided that their new favorite sport is putt putt.

After some putt putt, Reed practiced his photography skills. He took some pretty good shots.

Doesn't Abbey look good. She is exercising, eating right, and looking smokin' hot!

Last night we went to Harry's Roadhouse with Uncle Bill.

They have a stream running through the patio. The boys loved it. Until these older little girls came by.

There is more to tell you, but I'm too sleepy! Just enjoy this update for now!
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