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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Post from NM!

If you have never been to Glorieta, NM, you are really missing out. It is beautiful and the weather is amazing.

Over the past several years, Glorieta has not been the most popular spot for conferences, etc, so this week it has been pretty small in population. That means that the boys have free rain on ALL of the playgrounds and equipment. They don't mind putting it to use.

There is also a puttputt golf area. Reed and Nash have decided they would like to be professional puttputters for their careers.

Will has decided that he will be their caddy.

He just has to master walking.

Yesterday, we took the boys to Jackalope. It's a variety store that is HUGE! In the courtyard there are prairie dogs. Reed has starting calling them Meer Dogs, which combines his love for Meer Kats and now Prairie Dogs.

Our attempt at a family picture didn't go so well.

Will was semi-compliant.

Above you see evidence of the fun they have had.

Will has been trying to walk, but still prefers to make funny faces.

He is so adorable.

Tomorrow we are going to Albuquerque for the day and spending the night there.

Tonight, we ate at Bobcat Bite. It was yummy.

Nash is completely overwhelmed with love for his big brother. He wants to DO EVERYTHING Reed does! That sometimes gets them both in trouble.

The ringleader!

We definitely stay on our toes.
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