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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Weekend Update

Finally, after almost a year, we are getting into a better rhythm with bedtime.

If you have followed this blog for longer than five minutes, you know that Abbey and I have always struggled with the best way to put our kids to sleep.

Several months ago, we got Will into a really good sleep routine. He sleeps well. All night. That's something that we have STILL not been able to accomplish with Reed.

This past week, we have decided to try to get Reed and Nash out of the routine of us laying down in the bed with them. So far, it's been pretty good.

Last night they even slept in their beds the ENTIRE night long. That is the next item up for discussion.

Before we got the younger boys, we had taught Reed to sleep in his own bed through a series of firmly bringing him back to his bed and also a reward system. However, that quickly fizzled when we traveled to get the little boys.

This weekend has been a blur of planning, packing, cleaning, and church.

Friday evening, we cleaned the house. We cleaned and we cleaned. The boys were so sweet. They really wanted to help. Reed helped me scrub the toilets and wash the sinks and tubs.

Then, he and Nash helped dust the furniture. They would love to help with the vacuum, but I'm just not ready for that yet.

Yesterday, Abbey woke up and ran a 5K. I am so proud of her. She is doing so well with exercising and also weight loss. She has lost 26 pounds! That is excellent. I wish that I could say that I was doing the same!

When she got home, she mowed the yard (part of her weight loss plan is to burn calories! that means she has CHOSEN to take over mowing the yard!). After she finished mowing, I went outside to weed the flowerbeds and trim the hedges.

Abbey took the big boys to see Cars 2 yesterday afternoon. Will and I had some rare time to just ourselves.

Today, we had church and then went to eat at Otters.

Now, I've got to go help Abbey finish packing.

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