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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fireworks, Friends, Family, and the Fourth

Seven summers. Yes, seven summers we have lived in Nashville and we have YET to go to the fireworks show. Well, that was until this past Monday.

We decided to get there early since it is a pretty big deal so we hung out at bicentennial park.

Carah and Cate were happy to see the boys.

Cate totally dominated Will as always.

The boys had a blast playing with their friends.

Thankfully, it wasn't too hot!

There are normally fountains on that the kids can play in, but the boys were happy just playing in the sprinkler.

Carah helped Will practice walking.

Will decided that he had enough!

Finally it was time for the fireworks!

Will loved the fireworks.

Reed loved them, but not the noise.

The fireworks were amazing. Nash loved them and didn't have a problem with the noise.

Last night the boys had their first spend the night guest.

Caleb came over after church and spent the night.

All went well!

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